Jeffrey Michael Austin: I’m Not Worried About You, 2013 

    Thread, nails, wood; 8 x 8 x 8’
    School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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    Tumblr artist Erin Tucker | Website 


    paraffin wax, pigment


    Erin Tucker is a 2nd year MFA candidate in sculpture studying at Indiana University in Bloomington.

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    Autonomous Machines by Echo Yang 

    "The current popularity of generative design processes in which designers use algorithms to create a variety of different outcomes, instead of focussing on one, definitive result is closely linked to the use of digital design tools. This development has changed our perception of design as the creation of the single author. What could happen when the approach fostered by digital generative designers would be applied to an analogue world? A world in which obsolete machines like hand-powered alarm clocks, walkman and mechanical toys take centre stage?

    My experiments in this domain of obsolete machines reveal their internal algorithms. Instead of creating these algorithms, I simply adopt and then visualize them.” 

    here’s a video of the Tin-Toy Chicken experiment. More videos as well as the complete series here.

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    Een feest der Photoshop! 88 varianten van gewoon een gebouw in München, gemaakt door de al vaker aangehaalde photoshop-koning Víctor Enrich.

    (via Colossal)